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Advanced Skin Cancer Screening (ASCS) Intensive Skin Cacner Screening (ISCS)
(Includes Full Body Imaging (FBI) and clinical and dermoscopy images that are color-coded by the OHSU academic dermatologists. FBI can then be used for all follow-up screenings.

Total Body Photography


Billed annually

Full Body Imaging (FBI)
41 Cents per day
Annual after ASCS



Billed monthly

Academic Dermatologists
Annual Subscription
73 cents per day!



Billed annually

Includes APP for you, and the Workstation access for your Doctor to use the A.I. to perform "Double-Check" - Includes report.



Per Examination

Intensive Skin Cancer Screening (ISCS) is for anyone with more than ten spots that require dermoscopy
Please allow up to one hour
Clinical Images with Dermoscopy
Full Body Imaging