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We help you find it early, when outcomes are better

Total Body Photography

Proven by Dermatologists to find changes in your skin by tracking your moles with digital images. Full Body Imaging (FBI) does it better and much more cost-effective too!
Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is the most advanced technology to help you find it early! If your doctor performs this in their office, the cost is $400 - $1,000 and you have to rely on them to find any change. Now, you can get a better test for only $149, and then you can alert your doctor to evaluate the changes you see on the APP. 

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Why should I get the FBI?

Every day, there are over 9,500 Americans diagnosed with skin cancer! 
Join DermDetect and take charge of your skin. Get access to your images using the latest secure cloud technology.
The earlier skin cancer is detected, the better the outcome. The smaller the scar, and the skin cancer is not going to find itself! You need images to detect changes.
Skin Cancer is not going to cure itself!
Stop relying on others to find it. It only takes a few minutes and cost less than 27 cents per day with annual screenings.

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Welcome to Intelligent Dermatology

Sequential Digital Dermoscopy Imaging (SDDI)
Now your doctor can easily add a new dermoscopy image and our powerful A.I. will find the image we took during your ASCS so you can compare side-by-side to look for changes! If your lesion is not changing, you may avoid a normal biopsy. If you see changes, you just detected skin cancer early!

50% better at detecting melanoma in situ - 50% reduction in normal biopsies!

Incipient Melanoma
SDDI Paper

Show your results to any medical professional anywhere there is internet

Your digital image file is HIPAA compliant and secure. The OHSU academic dermatologists review your images on a secure workstation, then you can share with your doctors and monitor your own skin with the APP

Teledermatology is easy!

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All about the ASCS

Learn more about what we do on the day of your ASCS here

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