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The US is 68th in World Health!
Together, we can help your doctor
be more effective, not more profitable!

Research demonstrates that early skin cancer detection requires the patient to be more involved. 
The "quiet place or journals" prove that our technology
will increase sensitivity and reduce biopsies!
Employers benefit went they pay us to get their employee's early access to healthcare that they already pay for! 

"Delays in Surgical Treatment of Melanoma are associated with worsened overall and melanoma-specific mortality.

"Prompt treatment of melanoma should be prioritized, as delays in treatment lead to increased mortality."
Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 

Everything that exists in your life, does so because of two things: something you did or something you didn't do.

Albert Einstein

Anyone can get an annual screening and double the odds of early detection, or you can wait and treat it later. Delays lead to bad outcomes! 73% of America does not get an annual screening!

Skin Cancer is not going to find itself. How can anyone identify change without an image? We take pictures you share with our experts so you can report them to your doctor and improve healthcare.

Terms for Benefits

ASCS takes only 20 minutes once each year. Our images will help identify early signs of skin cancer. 

Total Body Photography, Dermoscopy, and SDI will improve diagnostic sensitivity. The APP is your portal to connect you with our experts who can see everything on a powerful workstation that uses Artificial Intelligence to help us find skin cancer early! "93%-96% of melanomas will show change on dermoscopy within three months, while 99% of unchanged melanocytic lesion sare benign".


How we save money and lives with ASCS

70-80% of melanoma is diagnosed as a new spot, not an existing mole! We image you in undergarments to document your skin and then use AI to discover any changes that the eye can see.

Our experts know when to perform a biopsy after seeing the Dermoscopy. They may recommend Confocal for a non-invasive "virtual biopsy" to diagnose your spot.
When in doubt, most doctors perform a $600 biopsy to be certain they are not missing skin cancer.
Now we have SDI! It takes only minutes, it is included for free, and if there is no change, we are satisfied that the spot is stable, not changing, and therefore not cancer. SDI doubles our ability to find melanoma early when it is easiest to treat, and the outcomes are better. Your doctor provides a 98% cure when we find it early! 

Important People are telling us!

What our customers write about us

"If melanoma is diagnosed at this noninvasive stage, the patient will be cured by excision of the primary tumor, but if melanoma becomes invasive, the chance of cure decreases as invasion thickness increases."
Harald Kittler, MD

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States and worldwide.
1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70.
More than 2 people die of skin cancer in the U.S. every hour.
Having 5 or more sunburns doubles your risk for melanoma.
When detected early, the 5-year survival rate for melanoma is 99 percent.

Skin Cancer Foundation

"It is good to push your doctor!"

"I think you know I have put life forces into this project too."

" We definitely need a solution for not only TBP, but I would love to have SDI as well."

". Oregon should be ripe for you to market what you have in place now."

Sancy Leachman, MD, Ph.D.

OHSU Dermatology 

It’s estimated that the number of new melanoma cases diagnosed in 2021 will increase by 5.8 percent. 2 The number of melanoma deaths is expected to increase by 4.8 percent in 2021. 2 An estimated 207,390 cases of melanoma will be diagnosed in the U.S. in 2021. Of those, 106,110 cases will be in situ (noninvasive), confined to the epidermis (the top layer of skin), and 101,280 cases will be invasive, penetrating the epidermis into the skin’s second layer (the dermis). Of the invasive cases, 62,260 will be men and 43,850 will be women.2 In the past decade (2011 – 2021), the number of new invasive melanoma cases diagnosed annually increased by 44 percent.2

Skin Cancer Foundation

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
Albert Einstein

Over ONE MILLION people use the DermEngine to increase the likelihood of success by finding skin cancer early.

"Physicians practice believing that it is optimal when they are wrecking American lives!"

We need most effective, not most profitable! This may be the way it all ends!

Care about something, do your best, do not hurt people."

John Abramson, MD
Harvard Medical School

Albert Einstein

John Abramson, MD

See the facts and fixes available today!

Intelligent Dermatology with SDI and A.I. helps you become a "Skin Checker" too.


What the most recent literature says about our approach to aiding you in the early detection of melanoma.

"I have waited a long time for DermDetect to offer services in our area." 
"The MoleScope APP is amazing! Now I can connect easily for a Virtual consult with an expert without the travel expenses. I still see my local doctor for treatments if needed. It is good to help your doctor improve your care by getting an expert opinion first!

Albert T. Young


"Mobile apps facilitate image capture and lesion tracking. Teledermatology has good concordance with face-to-face consultation and increases access, with increased accuracy using dermoscopy."

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Larry Findleton


The biopsy reminds me of the history of hysterectomy. DermDetect provides a safe non-invasive proven way to stop those unnecessary cuts on normal tissue. Using Dermoscopy we look for changes over a 90 day period. No change = No biopsy! NEW! We have Virtual Consults with an academic dermatologist that can advise you via Zoom. Fast, convenient, and efficient! 
When you combine Dermoscopy with Confocal Imaging, both non-invasive procedures, the number of biopsies drop from 42 to only 2! 
Every biopsy leaves a scar and cost approximately $500! We can save you $20K in biopsy cost when you sign-up and pay us to screen your employees! 

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10 Reasons to monitor your skin starting now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is DermDetect?

Founded in 2016, we are an outpatient dermatology imaging service available to everyone concerned about skin cancer and who wants to use the very best technology to improve outcomes. We are a point of care provider.

Does my doctor need to order it?

No. Everyone can participate and register online. Your doctor will be provided free access to DermEngine so you both can review the results together. By doing this together, you may be able to avoid a biopsy on a normal mole and/or detect melanoma in-situ. There are published papers that describe a 50% reduction in normal biopsies and a 50% increase in early detection!

How do I get the results?

We provide a powerful APP that will work on any smartphone or tablet. Before you leave our office, you can log in and see your images. Not only can you see your pictures, but our experts can use DermEngine with powerful AI tools to color-code your file for your doctor to treat you faster! Our expert reports with the 3D Avatar makes it easy. It is like "Spotify" for your skin! 

Are my results secure and private?

Yes! The APP requires a secure login just like your bank. Your images may be seen by our academic dermatologists. They will color-code each Dermoscopic image. If you see a RED or Orange spot, you need additional medical care. If all your spots are GREEN, you still need to monitor each spot using the APP to look for changes. The 3D Avatar makes this simple!

Is this Total Body Photography?

Yes, only better! The 3D Avatar makes it much easier, and the software helps you find, track, and compare over time. Find new spots when they appear and see if they grow. No change is good! Now you can be specific and proactive with your care. We call it FBI "Full Body Imaging." It costs only $249 with the report, so get yours today! Annual FBI sessions are only $149 when your doctor reviews and reports.

Can my doctor or I take and add images?

Yes. We sell the same Dermoscopic attachment we use so that you and your doctor can easily compare images and spot changes at the earliest possible time. If our expert color-codes a spot with Purple, you need SDI in 90 days. The entire SDI takes only minutes to complete and you look for changes with your doctor.

Why should I pay for this if my insurance will not reimburse me?

DermEngine is new and yet widely used all around the world. The US healthcare system takes time to recognize new technology that potentially adds costs, even if it may save lives and money. We recommend using your HSA account. Please remember that unless you exceed your deductible for the year, you are paying for the exam that may improve your outcome regardless of coverage! When your employer pays it is a benefit for all!

Why do people avoid seeing the doctor for skin cancer?

We think it is due to the only reimbursable diagnostic test that they have available today. It is called the surgical biopsy and most insurances reimburse the costs of their service. With the MoleScope APP and our noninvasive imaging technology, we can help reduce the need for biopsy by 50% and we increase the diagnosis of thin melanoma by up to 50%! Currently, you must pay for the FBI or ASCS while we collect the evidence to convince them to pay. The average biopsy costs are $500 and it leaves a scar with risks of infection.  

Are there other options to pay the costs?

Yes! Introduce us to your employer and when they offer the ASCS or FBI to their employees as a benefit, they take the expense and everyone gets the advantages. Our ASCS testing is only $21 per month for annual exams. Since most employers are self-insured, they may save money with early detection that saves their worker's life! They save $600 when we prevent one biopsy!

What are your terms and conditions?

Register and pay with online scheduling via credit card, and you pick the available appointment that is most convenient for you. Complete your health history and sign the consent before your meeting to speed up your visit. Our goal is 20-minute appointments for all. The Intensive Skin Cancer Screening is ordered by your doctor when they want more than ten dermoscopy performed. The ISCS cost $299 and takes 40 minutes.

Office Managers

Click now to learn how we can benefit the wellness of your patients while creating "passive" income for your practice and not charging more!

Smart Snap for SDI

Sequential Dermoscopy Imaging (SDI) is SDDI
Sequential Digital Dermoscopy Imaging (SDDI) 

See the Published Paper Here

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Thank you! Enter the code during the registration process to get the OHSU discount. You may choose to follow-up with OHSU after their academic Dermatologists color-code your ASCS or ISCS. The FBI is only $99 and does not include a physician report.


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Become a "Skin Checker"

Anyone can take charge of their skin health today

Participants help their doctors find skin cancer early

$249 (Includes MoleScope APP)

Total Body Photography

Image, Map, Track, find changes
Total Exam Time: 20 minutes plus Dermoscopy that is reviewed by our expert. By having a baseline dermoscopy, we can perform SDI and look for changes at the cellular level! No change = No Biopsy!

$249 includes Total Body Photography, MoleScope APP, Signed Report from Academic Dermatologists

Advanced Skin Cancer Screening

ASCS is a Private Appointment - 20 Minutes
Intensive Skin Cancer Screening (ISCS) requires more images, please allow 40 minutes)

Check your skin, add images

MoleScope APP

Easily locate your images and compare in the privacy of your home. Take images and send for Teledermatology consults. Our doctors can see your file to provide you with a Virtual Consult!

Invite your doctor to try

DermEngine  A.I.

No Charge when your doctor uses our powerful workstation to perform simple checks that may eliminate the surgical biopsy

Powerful and Secure Cloud 

You control your file

You check for changes, you choose the doctor to consult, you share your file securely

New Price - Only $299

Intensive Skin Cancer Screening

If you have dysplastic nevi syndrome (more than ten moles that need dermoscopy) you need the "ISCS". Includes dermoscopy of all atypical nevi and the added review time by the academic dermatologists.


SDI by appointment

Dermographers will gladly perform SDI on any previously imaged spot to help you look for changes. It only takes a few minutes and it is FREE!
No change? No worries! 
If we see changes, you need to see your doctor ASAP. 

Help us help you

Employee skin cancer screening is available now


Improve morale when you sponsor a skin cancer screening benefit that shows you care. Deduct the costs as a health benefit that saves you money.
When skin cancer is detected early, the cost to surgically remove the lesion is under $1K
Early detection may save the life of a valuable employee and save millions!

Print this report


Use the MoleScope APP to find skin cancer at the earliest possible time. Your images are reviewed by experts and you maintain control over your file. Now, you can share the report with images with any local doctor and we will help them to reduce biopsies and improve the detection of melanoma in-situ by 50%! 

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Local Support

Your employees can register online and schedule their ASCS at a convenient local office for a private screening. DermDetect will provide you with the tools to educate your employees on Intelligent Dermatology. Teledermatology is one click with the APP and your baseline study provides the reader with all the images so they can provide you with the best treatment advice.

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Advanced Skin Cancer Screening (ASCS)

ASCS is pain-free and takes only 15-30 minutes including Full Body Imaging (FBI) with A.I. to help find changes in size, shape, color, or most suspicious of all, a new spot!

Learn all about the ASCS here

Your dermoscopy images are reviewed by an academic dermatologist at OHSU

Secure access to a powerful workstation so only your doctors and you can see your skin images

The most advanced web-based solution and you control it on an APP


What do they mean?

OHSU uses color-codes to identify lesions for follow-up. Not a diagnosis

You are a participant for a reason! The academic dermatologists at OHSU will assign a color to each spot. Use the 3D Avatar to locate a spot and then click on it to see the clinical image next to the dermoscopy image. Note the color of the spot. Green = Routine Follow-up. The other colors have meaning too.

RED = Immediate attention

Green (normal annual follow-up); Orange (virtual biopsy with reflectance confocal microscopy, or short term 3-4 week dermatoscopy follow-up); Red (immediate attention from a healthcare provider is recommended – e.g., physical biopsy(shave/punch)); Black (lesion was already removed but remains in the history); and Blue (lesion image quality is insufficient and needs to be retaken).

Purple = SDI in 90 days

If the dermoscopy is color-coded purple, you need to return in 90 days to get another dermoscopy on only that spot. SDI improves diagnostic sensitivity!

Double-check with your doctor before they biopsy

If you have any spot that has been color-coded "RED" you need to see your local medical professional as soon as possible. Most appointments are 2-6 weeks after the ASCS.
DermDetect will help train your doctor to use "SmartSnap" on the DermEngine workstation. In only 1-2 minutes they can capture a new image of the RED spot and look for changes with you. Side-by-side or using the "Flicker" with overlay makes it easy to see if the lesion has changed. No change may delay a biopsy! If you see the change it confirms the need to have one now!

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Double-check is SDI~

Sequential Dermoscopy Imaging is SDI and you can only do it when you have had the ASCS or ISCS. SDI is easily performed by your doctor prior to their decision to biopsy. 
Look for change the easy way with the powerful DermEngine "Intelligent Dermatology" workstation.
DermDetect will give your doctor training and access for FREE. (You paid the cost with the ASCS!)
Now during your next visit, you and your doctor can look for changes together in only a few minutes!
The literature says that you can have melanocytic cells and if they are stable or not growing, you may be able to leave it alone. 
Obviously, if you see change, do something. Your doctor will love ASCS with "Double-check". 

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DermEngine is powered by DermDetect with Certified Dermographers

Intelligent dermatology imaging, documentation, and analysis of skin conditions

3D Avatar

Map your moles with 3D

Dermographers examines your skin and capture images

Full Daylight Spectrum Lighting

Your privacy is paramount

Undergarments always!

Skin Cancer Screening for all

70% of skin cancer is found by the patient!

APP included

Monitor your images made easy!

Meet our team

Dermographers have been trained by our academic dermatologists to screen you for suspicious spots and take high-resolution images of your skin and manage the DermEngine so that they can color-code and your doctor can improve your care.

ASCS is Not a Diagnosis - It is a medical record

Terri Perry

Dermographer - Oregon

Retired Navy Corpsman - 20 years distinguished service - now focused on your care and positive outcomes!

Martine Findleton

Dermographer - California

I will carefully check your skin and take high-resolution digital images for our academic dermatologist to review.

Sancy Leachman, M.D., Ph.D.

Co-founder of the ASCS

Thank you for training our dermographers!

Alexander Witkowski, MD, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Dermatology
Director, Skin Cancer Imaging

The virtual biopsy is now available at OHSU thanks to Sancy Leachman, MD, Ph.D.

Lawrence Findleton

President - Co-founder DermDetect

We all deserve access to the very best technology and people. Together we can reduce the mortality and morbidity rates or skin cancer in the USA.

Neil Box, Ph.D.

Clinical Advisor - Colorado

A lifetime commitment to reducing melanoma mortality and morbidity.

Rob Schumacher

COO - Co-founder DermDetect

Experienced is point-of-care services that connect the experts to the people and places that need it most.